Big Announcement: Be Prepared - The Schattenlande Are Coming!

Hello guys, beautiful news today! I was not allowed to talk about the most wonderful thing that happened to me this year. Melanie Maier, the art director at Ulisses Spiele, asked me whether I was interested in working for Das Schwarze Auge, which is not only Germany's biggest Pen&Paper RPG but also my childhood passion. Of course I was interested! I had a great time working on five interior illustrations for the upcoming book Schattenlande, which is going to be published next month. Ulisses put two of them on their official Blog. Accordingly, I can share them with you. : )

Cover by Markus Koch


Hello Mr. Postman!

What a beautiful day! I got a letter from my dear friend Wilwa including THIS! She went to ChisaiiCon last weekend and asked Carolin "Sinless" Reich for a sketch of my character Sharad ibn Said. I didn't know about that until the letter arrived. Thanks to both of you! I really like the liveliness of the sketch and the elegant design of the pipe. <3